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5 Tips for Travelling with children

I am traveling with my daughter Anna for more than 3 years long. We started when Anna was 8 years old. Here my 5 tips for traveling with older children, let's say 7+.


1. Involve your kids in planning the route and the program. Let them help you. They can start with small simple tasks - watch your bags, fill the forms for hotel check-in and registration cards, order food, call reception if some advice or help is needed... (My daughter Anna learned English this way - managing small things for us). Trust your kids, and their self-confidence comes from these small successes.



2. Don’t Overpack!


We need much less than we think we need. Helping your kids embrace minimalism on travels promotes being grateful for little things in life. Your children will learn to entertain themselves and to be happy with less. We both travel light with hand-luggage only. This allows me to buy cheap plane flights, get on and off transport easily, move quickly when needed and not have to guard our possessions. It also protects my back! Visit for more details...

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